Monte Rosa: Mocha-doodle Flavored Coffee


Monte Rosa’s Mocha-doodle Flavored Coffee is a premium blend that combines the rich, robust flavors of coffee with the indulgent notes of chocolate and cinnamon. This unique blend offers a smooth, full-bodied taste with a hint of sweetness, providing a perfect balance for coffee lovers. The coffee beans are ethically sourced and carefully roasted to ensure the highest quality. The Mocha-doodle flavor is a standout, offering a unique twist on traditional coffee flavors. This product is perfect for those who enjoy gourmet coffee and are looking for a unique, flavorful experience. The coffee is easy to brew, allowing you to enjoy a barista-quality coffee at home.

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Monte Rosa’s Mocha-doodle Flavored Coffee is a delightful blend that promises to take your coffee experience to new heights. This unique blend is a perfect fusion of rich, full-bodied coffee and the indulgent flavors of chocolate and cinnamon, creating a taste that is both comforting and invigorating.

Each sip of Mocha-doodle flavored coffee is a journey into a world of exquisite taste and aroma. The coffee beans are sourced from the finest plantations, ensuring a premium quality that is consistent in every cup. The beans are then expertly roasted to perfection, bringing out their natural flavors and creating a smooth, well-rounded taste.

The addition of chocolate and cinnamon adds a layer of complexity to the flavor profile. The chocolate lends a sweet, creamy note that perfectly complements the robust taste of the coffee, while the cinnamon adds a hint of warmth and spice, making each sip a truly sensory experience.

Monte Rosa’s Mocha-doodle Flavored Coffee is not just a beverage, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s for those who appreciate the finer things in life and are not afraid to indulge. Whether you’re starting your day with a cup of Mocha-doodle coffee or enjoying it as an afternoon pick-me-up, it’s sure to add a touch of luxury to your daily routine.

This coffee is also incredibly easy to prepare, making it a convenient choice for busy individuals. Simply add hot water, stir, and your gourmet coffee is ready to enjoy. It’s a quick and easy way to bring the café experience into your home.

In conclusion, Monte Rosa’s Mocha-doodle Flavored Coffee is more than just a coffee. It’s a celebration of taste and aroma, a testament to the art of coffee making. It’s a product that offers value in every sense of the word – from its premium quality and exceptional taste to the convenience it offers. So why wait? Indulge in the Monte Rosa experience today and elevate your coffee moments.

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Regular, Decaf

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Coffee Grind, Drip Grind, French Press

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1LB, 5LB



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