Passion Fruit Bursting Boba® Mini | Popping Boba | NEW | 490g Mini Tub / 24 Mini Tubs Per Case


The Passion Fruit Bursting Boba® Mini is a new product that comes in a 490g mini tub, with 24 mini tubs per case. This popping boba features a vibrant passion fruit flavor, offering a unique and exciting taste experience. The product’s key feature is its ‘bursting’ quality, providing a fun and interactive element to your beverages or desserts. The mini tub packaging makes it convenient for individual use, portion control, and storage. It’s a great addition to enhance the flavor and aesthetic of various dishes, making it a versatile ingredient for both home and commercial use.

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Introducing the Passion Fruit Bursting Boba® Mini, a delightful addition to your culinary adventures. This product comes in a compact 490g mini tub, perfect for personal use or small gatherings. Each case contains 24 mini tubs, ensuring you have enough to share or indulge in over time.

The Passion Fruit Bursting Boba® Mini is a unique and exciting product that brings a tropical twist to your beverages and desserts. Each boba pearl is filled with real passion fruit juice, offering a burst of tangy, sweet flavor with every bite. The vibrant taste of passion fruit not only enhances the flavor of your dishes but also provides a refreshing aftertaste that lingers on your palate.

These popping bobas are not just about taste; they also add a fun, textural element to your food and drinks. The outer layer of the boba is smooth and soft, while the inside is filled with juice that pops in your mouth, creating an enjoyable and surprising sensory experience.

The Passion Fruit Bursting Boba® Mini is easy to use. Simply scoop the desired amount into your dish or drink, and it’s ready to serve. It’s a great way to elevate the presentation of your dishes, making them more appealing and Instagram-worthy.

This product is also a healthier choice. It’s low in calories, fat-free, and cholesterol-free, making it a guilt-free indulgence. Plus, passion fruit is known for its high vitamin C content, which boosts immunity and promotes skin health.

The Passion Fruit Bursting Boba® Mini is versatile. It’s perfect for bubble tea, cocktails, yogurt, ice cream, and more. Whether you’re a home cook, a professional chef, or a bubble tea enthusiast, this product offers endless possibilities to unleash your creativity and impress your guests or customers.

In a nutshell, the Passion Fruit Bursting Boba® Mini is more than just a food item. It’s an experience, a taste adventure, and a tool for culinary creativity. It’s a product that offers value in terms of taste, health, versatility, and fun. So why wait? Add a burst of passion to your dishes with the Passion Fruit Bursting Boba® Mini.

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