World Tour Blend – Monte Rosa


World Tour Blend – Monte Rosa is a premium coffee blend that offers a unique, rich flavor profile. Key features include its blend of high-quality Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from the world’s best coffee-growing regions. The product stands out for its smooth, full-bodied taste with notes of chocolate and fruit, providing a balanced, satisfying finish. The Monte Rosa blend is also ethically sourced and sustainably produced, ensuring environmental responsibility. Its unique selling point is its global blend, offering coffee lovers a taste of different regions in one cup, making it a truly world-class coffee experience.

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Experience the rich, aromatic flavors of the World Tour Blend – Monte Rosa, a premium coffee blend that takes your taste buds on a global journey. This unique blend is a harmonious combination of the finest coffee beans from the world’s most renowned coffee-growing regions. Each sip delivers a symphony of flavors, from the robust, earthy tones of South American beans to the fruity, floral notes of African varieties, and the smooth, mellow undertones of Asian coffee.

The World Tour Blend – Monte Rosa is meticulously crafted by expert roasters, who carefully roast each batch to perfection, ensuring a consistent, well-balanced flavor profile. The result is a full-bodied, medium-dark roast with a rich, complex taste and a smooth, satisfying finish.

This blend is not just about taste, but also about the experience. It offers coffee lovers the opportunity to explore the diverse flavors of the world’s best coffee regions, all from the comfort of their own home. It’s like a world tour in a cup, making every morning a new adventure.

Moreover, the World Tour Blend – Monte Rosa is ethically sourced and sustainably produced, ensuring that every purchase supports coffee farmers and protects the environment. It’s a coffee that not only tastes good but also does good.

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a casual coffee drinker, the World Tour Blend – Monte Rosa is sure to delight your senses and elevate your coffee experience. It’s more than just a coffee; it’s a journey around the world, a celebration of global flavors, and a testament to the art of coffee roasting. Enjoy the World Tour Blend – Monte Rosa, and savor the world one cup at a time.

Additional information

Weight 2268 lbs

Regular, Decaf

Coffee Grind

Drip Grind, French Press, Whole Bean, Espresso Grind

Bag Size

1LB, 5LB



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